We are talking about truly nutritious products. That’s what separates us from the current offer or products, where “healthiness” has nothing to do with wellbeing. Xiomega3 SuperFoods offers products with nutrimental value for you and your loved ones.

If that weren’t enough, all our products have the following certifications:


Meets the requirements of Jewish laws.

NONGMO Project

Free of all genetic modifications. Non-transgenic. Our products do not have any genetic properties that negatively affect your health.

Certified Gluten-Free

Free of poor-nutrition protein and biological mixtures. Perfect for gluten intolerants and gluten sensitive.


Friendly to the planet and its inhabitants. Our wrappings are practical, functional and reusable.

Global Standards

We undergo certification audits to guarantee food safety.

Satisface los requerimientos de las leyes Judías.

NONGMO Project
Son libres de modificación genética. No transgénicos. Nuestros productos no contienen cargas genéticas que afecten a la salud.

Certified Gluten-Free
Libres de la mezcla de proteínas de bajo valor nutricional y biológico. Ideales para personas con enfermedad celíaca o sensibilidad al gluten.

Es amigable con el planeta y sus habitantes. Nuestros empaques son prácticos, funcionales y reusables.

Global Standards
Contamos con auditorías de certificación para la seguridad alimentaria.

Gema del Toro

Radio broadcaster – Expert in health issues

“A healthy life affects every aspect of your life. Everyone deserves a better life”

Katy Arenas

Nutrition Coach – Celiac disease specialist

“I am passionate about improving people’s lives through their nutrition and healthy habits”

Jackie González

Host / Broadcaster

Causing honest styles.
"Love yourself well, treat yourself great.”

Vero Villalobos

Wholesome nutrition and hormonal health coach

“Flow freely, flow naturally”

Alejandra Blanco

Healthy habits coach

"For me, health is neither a trend nor an obsession, but a way of living and enjoying life"

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